Everyone has their own unique investing theses, and this one could actually be a winner.
My favorite stocks right now - as of Oct. 7th, 2021.
Explaining my rationale for this title as well as introducing ways to hedge.
Detailing the mega-cap companies who made the cut.
Ending the week with my high-conviction plays and updates across the board.
Detailing my holdings and investment thesis for the "mid-cap" companies inside of my 2022 portfolio.
Data-driven viewpoints of when to expect a turnaround.
A sober look at this markets and my stock portfolio.
Diving deep into a new acronym used to describe top semiconductor stocks.
Sharing my updated thoughts on ROKU, UPST, MQ, and DKNG.
Adding color around my recent moves + sharing some near-term stock ideas.
Building a strategy & executing upon it.