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Thanks for the portfolio updates. What is your price targets on BTC/ETH/LINK where you are planning to start converting them into index funds? And do you have an exit strategy in case they are not met in time or if the trend shifts? PS I also have a question about you TSLA covered call position. Do you still write calls against it a lower strikes or you are waiting for higher prices not to get called away at a loss? Thank you

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Great questions!

Price Targets for BTC ($120-160K), ETH ($8-12K) and LINK ($55-90). The exit strategy assuming they don't hit these price targets is sort of tricky, and I'm not going to pretend it's set in stone. Assuming these cryptocurrencies remain about their 21-day EMA (exponential moving average) we should be in the clear. I'm also keeping an eye on sentiment across various social media platforms ensuring we're not in "Euphoria" phase, as that historically has proven to be the top.

I'm actually selling covered calls for Tesla as deep as $165 / share for 6-8 weeks out rolled monthly. I'm not worried about my shares being called away knowing they can always be rolled forward into the future considering I plan to hold Tesla stock forever.

I hope this helps!

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