Jun 14, 2022·edited Jun 14, 2022

you mentioned somewhere that you haven’t bought any stocks in your “active portfolio” but are DCA in to your retirement portfolio - can you explain what that means? Would this be a good time to put more money in retirement accounts that are invested in ETFs, mutual funds, etc?

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Austin, given the market volatility, the crazy denial of Japanese governance, and the coming recession (75 basis point increases as far as the eye can see), I think it's time to pause and give thanks for Joe Manchin, who almost single-handedly defeated the $5 Trillion deficit bomb that was BBB. Needless to say, many of us saw this coming. Washington did not and went about business as usual. A President that promised to kill fossil fuels has done just that and we're all paying the price.

Over the last few weeks, I bought more Dutch Bros. but a good chunk of my dividend-paying ETF money is now on the sidelines, waiting for opportunities.

One request, and I don't know how to do this (hopefully you do). When I click on your charts, they don't get any bigger and I can barely read them. Is there some way we can make these expandable?

As always, thanks for everything!

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